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Clacton Dental Implants Centre (Admired Clinic) helps Clacton patients achieve the sense of well-being and increased confidence that a healthy smile can bring. We provide personalized and state-of-the-art dental implants in a relaxed, patient-friendly setting. Experience individualized care in a supportive, comfortable environment. Conveniently located in 91 Woodlands Cl, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 4RY, our dental implant Clinic in Clacton is easily accessible by public transportation.


You’ve lost teeth? Don’t lose hope, too.


Dental implants are replacement teeth that look great, and truly last.

Dental implant technology is a remarkable advancement in dentistry. A dental implant is a replacement tooth that is designed to look and feel like a real tooth. Every dental implant has a root, which replaces your natural tooth root. The dental implant root is always made of titanium. Once our dentist inserts the implant root into your jawbone, the titanium root will actually begin to bond with your natural bone tissue. You end up with a replacement tooth that stays firmly in place permanently!

The visible part of the dental implant is called the dental crown. This piece is crafted to look like your natural teeth—in colour, shape and size.






types of dental implants in our clacton dental clinic


  • Single Implants

Dental implant for a single missing teeth!

  • Denture Supported Implants

Dentures fixed with implants .

  • All on 6 Treatments

Fully fixed set of teeth in a day!

  • Multiple Implants

Implant supported bridge for multiple tooth loss.



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IMPROVE YOUR SMILE! During your free consultation at our Clacton Dental Implant Centre (one of the very best in the Essex), you will be greeted by our professional team who will gather information about your general health and specific dental needs. When the evaluation is complete, Dr. Kayhan will go over your dental implant treatment options, including the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of each, so that you can make an informed decision about which dental implants option is best for you.

Discover affordable DENTAL IMPLANTS.  Act today to take advantage of our free consultation offer.




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