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For over 20 years Admired Clinic with a passionate, caring team has been the leading dental implants and facial rejuvenation Centre in Clacton on sea. Our dentists in Clacton on sea provide a full range of dental and facial treatments to help you achieve a stunning smile, brighter skin and younger looking face.

For over 20 years Admired Clinic with a passionate, caring team has been the leading dental implants and facial rejuvenation Centre in Clacton on sea. 

Same day dental implants

Speak, smile & eat with confidence


Invisible, removable & comfortable braces

Happiness you see, Braces you don't

Safe, affordable & immediate results

Look & feel years younger without surgery

A better life starts with a beautiful smile.

Ideal solution for flawlessly bright, smooth and hairless skin

Are you looking for affordable and high quality treatments?

Welcome to Admired Clinic

Our dentists in Clacton on sea bring you a different level of dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments

Admired clinic dentist in clacton on sea

Having a unique team of dedicated dentists in Clacton on sea, Admired clinic is chosen centre for precision dental implants and facial aesthetics by many. We strive for excellence using state of the art technology and innovative procedures. It is our commitment to you, our patients that defines us. We utilize high end equipment, diagnostic tools, sterilization techniques and 3D CBCT Scan to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

At Admired clinic we work with you on an individual basis and budget to tailor your specific requirements. The thing that makes us different from all others practices is our culture. We always take a personal interest in your needs, and do what’s best for you. In our practice we treat people not just the teeth and skin.


Dorothy Palmer
Dorothy PalmerVery Friendly Staff
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I always receive excellent care at my visits. Awesome doctor and staff. They make me feel like family. I would highly recommend this office for any facial and dental needs.
Randy Tran
Randy TranExcellent treatment
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I had extremely poor and bleeding gums with mobile teeth when I visited Admired Clinic. My entire set of teeth was replaced and I now have healthy gums and beautiful teeth. I feel great again after many years of suffering. I cannot thank them enough.
Janet Green Fantastic experience
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The atmosphere at Admired clinic was completely different than what I had experienced at other clinics. For the first time, a dentist truly heard my dental issue patiently and suggested various treatment options as per my requirement. I decided to go ahead with a combination of ceramic crowns and dental implants and I extremely satisfied with the results. Thank you








Dental Implants and Advanced Dentistry

Best dental care and facial aesthetic centre in clacton on sea

Choosing the right dentist to place and restore your dental implants is an important decision. It can mean the difference between long-term success and significant problems. You should expect your dentist to have a proven track record of success and high qualifications in implant dentistry that have been achieved by having to pass examinations.

The most common form of qualification in the UK is the ‘Diploma in Implant dentistry’ awarded by an accredited university. Dr Kayan is our Swedish dentist in Clacton on sea with a proven track record of accomplishment of 100% success rate over the last 20 years. He is one of a few dentists in the UK to hold several university diplomas for both surgical and restorative portion of implants from Sweden, the world leader in research, development and manufacturing of the best dental implant systems on the market such as Nobel Biocare and Straumann 

Clacton on sea dentist dental implants certificates at Admired clinic

Laser & Medical Aesthetics

Best dental care and facial aesthetic centre in clacton on sea

Excellent knowledge of anatomy is fundamental to performing successful facial aesthetic treatments, but requires many years of serious post graduate studies. At admired clinic all facial treatments and injections are performed by our highly trained dentist who also has mastery in anatomy, several post graduate diploma in facial aesthetics and more than 20 years of experience in treating tens of thousands patients. 

Some of our popular facial treatments are; 

  • Botox and other treatments for deep wrinkles 
  • Non surgical face lift, Thread lifting and Collagen Stimulating Treatments (Silhouette Soft )
  • Lip fillers 
  • Dermal fillers for face and hand ( Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Stimulators including Sculptra, Ellanse, Radiesse®, Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma and more..
  • Skin Tightening,
  • Skin Rejuvenation (Laser, RF and IPL treatments) 
  • Skin resurfacing 
  • Plasma lifting 
  • Permanent hair removals for face and body
Certificates of Admired clinic Medical aesthetics centre in Clacton on sea


If you have had a free initial consultation with us during the last 90 days for facial membership plans and you are aware of all the details then you may proceed to sign up for a plan that is suitable for you.

If not, we kindly ask you to book a free initial consultation before signing up for any facial membership plan becuase of following reaosns

1) With modern day techniques, the choices are vast and patients need to discuss their options before embarking upon treatment. Free consultations provide an opportunity for you to discover what treatments are available, weighing up both the benefits and risks and give you an idea of what treatment/s would best suit your needs. At the same time you can also meet your potential treating practitioner, before proceeding.
2) We, as a medical aesthetics clinic, also need to ask you a few questions regarding your health, medical condition and expectations. These are all for your own safety and achieving the best possible results.
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