V-line Botox Treatment In Clacton On Sea

V Line Botox Facial Slimming is a very common cosmetic procedure in all over the world.Patient who suffer from grinding are also treated by the same procedures. It is a very simpletreatment procedure, injecting Botox into the masseter muscle of the face. However, it needshigh accuracy and experience for the best result. The result of the treatment is dramatic andappreciative for the people with strong masseter muscles and very broad and square jawstructures. As, the face becomes slimmer and a v shape appearance will be created.The procedure reduces the muscle activity that trigger the grinding (mainly the massetermuscle), and over time these muscles will weaken and reduces in size.

V Line Botox Facial Slimming

V-line Botox is used for treating problems associated with, TMJ or simply
just for facial Slimming:


I- V Line” Facial Slimming

In the cases of hypertrophic or large muscles in the face when V-line Botox is used, that massetermuscle will atrophy and shrinks down in size over time and changes the appearance of the face towardsa v-shaped type structure.

II- TMJ dysfunction

Do you have an occurring headache, jaw pain or hear clicking sounds when you are eating? If youdo, you may experience problems associated with TMJ.Between 75 to 85% of the world population suffer from TMJ.

What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is pain in the jaw joint that can be caused by a variety ofmedical problems. The TMJ connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull (temporal bone) in front ofthe ear. Certain facial muscles that control chewing are also attached to the lower jaw.

Problems which are linked with TMJ are:

1- Headache
2- Jaw pain
3- Clicking sound while eating
4- Damaging teeth due to grinding
5- Pain in the back
6- Pain in the neck.7- A rectangular type face due to increased facial muscle hyper activity.

One of the most common and effective way to treat the above is by using V-line Botox treatment toPrevent grinding in the teeth and at the same time slim down the jaw line and creating a v-shapedtype face.



Bruising, soreness may occur but will fade away in no time. The effects are not permanent, and the muscle activity will return usually in 3-6 months ifthe treatment is not repeated.

If you have symptoms such as:

a- doing lots of Clinching
b- Sleep apnoea

c- Throbbing pain in your facial muscles
d- Tiredness with your facial muscles
e- Tightness in your jaw muscles
f- Pain in the temples
g- Grinding your teeth
h- Waking up during the night
i- Pain in your neck
j- Or you wish simply to have slimming face

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