Clacton Teeth Whitening – Highest Quality Treatment‎s In Clacton On Sea

0% Finance & Top Teeth Whitening Treatments Available At Admired Clinic In Clacton

With just 15 -60 Minuetes cosmetic teeth whitening session at our Clacton Dental clinic, you’ll see instant results. Whether you’re after teeth whitening for job prospects, confidence issues or simply a top up on your natural colour,  Teeth Whitening in Clacton is the right answer to put a bright smile on your face today.


Admired Clinic is revolutionising the teeth whitening industry. Our proprietary cosmetic teeth whitening system offers immediate results at an affordable price. Here at Admired Clinic we offer a quick, pain free, and enamel safe process that produces guaranteed results in just 15 minutes.


 Teeth Whitening in Clacton

In-Practice Whitening

If you are just after a brighter smile in a quick and simple fashion, this would work the best for you. Done in just one hour in the practice, using 6 percent hydrogen peroxide, it gives you a 4 to 5 shade whiter teeth.

Special Whitening Package

If you want the best of a whitening result, then you should go for this package which includes carefully made custom trays as well as two weeks supply of whitening gel for home followed by a 60-minute in practice whitening session.

The result is a long lasting, pearly white smile that would satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Whitening Refill

If you have whitening trays made for you already, we would carefully examine the tight fitness of them, before providing you only with the best available whitening gels in the market.




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