Special offers

At Admired clinic, we always enjoy helping our clients save a little extra money on services they really want and need to feel genuinely self-confident.

Here you can find an overview of all our special offers and package deals. If you wish to know more about our offers don’t hesitate to book a free initial consultation.

Our special offers may expire or change in less than 48 hours. So please check this page regularly for new offer and make sure you aren’t waiting too long to reach out and schedule an appointment.

Get the best for less!

Facial and dental saving plans

Our dental and facial membership plans allow individuals and families to receive highest quality dental care and facial aesthetic treatments continuously at a reduced cost, combined with instant saving and exclusive benefits.

If you wish to know more about our membership plans, please don’t hesitate to book a free initial consultation.


Call admired clinic on 01255 476700 to book your free teeth whitening consultation


If you have had a free initial consultation with us during the last 90 days for facial membership plans and you are aware of all the details then you may proceed to sign up for a plan that is suitable for you.

If not, we kindly ask you to book a free initial consultation before signing up for any facial membership plan becuase of following reaosns

1) With modern day techniques, the choices are vast and patients need to discuss their options before embarking upon treatment. Free consultations provide an opportunity for you to discover what treatments are available, weighing up both the benefits and risks and give you an idea of what treatment/s would best suit your needs. At the same time you can also meet your potential treating practitioner, before proceeding.
2) We, as a medical aesthetics clinic, also need to ask you a few questions regarding your health, medical condition and expectations. These are all for your own safety and achieving the best possible results.
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