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Skin Tightening Laser Treatments.

Tis the season to be joyful and part of the enjoyment of the countdown to Christmas is getting ready.

From searching for the ideal outfit by scrutinizing all the sparkly dresses in the shops, to adorning the home with every one of those prized pieces that you’ve gathered throughout the years, the preparations are as much a part of the holidays as the day itself!

Obviously, you can’t overlook the very important pampering for your festivities. It’s really important to feel and look good for all those events. Office parties, family gatherings and let’s face it – if you’re hosting or attending a party this holiday season, you’ll want to look glamorous in preparation for that kiss under the mistletoe!

Admired Clinic can ensure beautiful results before your Christmas party or New Year’s Eve with laser treatments that leave your make up flawless for those party selfies.

As we get older, the face normally loses collagen and elasticity, making the skin look less refined. We can help with deep line, wrinkle reducing and skin tightening treatments which will shrink pores, clear up acne scars and transform blotchy, spotted skin. Laser treatments give remarkable results that can reduce double chins, eliminate jowls and tighten saggy skin all at the same time!

An even better result can be accomplished when combined with Botox or dermal fillers. Treatment can be carried out in as little 30 minutes. Botox and dermal fillers are the main treatment that directly address the reason for dynamic lines by relaxing the muscle that makes the skin wrinkle. These treatments are perfect for a less tired and more youthful appearance without the cost and recovery time of face lift surgery.

Stuck for an idea for a Christmas present? 

We have gift vouchers available which can be used for part or full payment of your choice of treatment.

Admired Clinic is here for all of your holiday needs.  Schedule your appointment now, so that you can ensure beautiful results before your Christmas party or New Year’s Eve events. 

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